The Birth of WILMS

The desperate need to do away with paper based records, excel spreadsheets and/or outdated electronic systems as a means to monitor and keep track of the growing number of students in the field led to the birth of WILMS (Work Integrated Learning Management System). WILMS is an online portal used to manage work integrated learning and recruitment services in universities. With WILMS, we were able to manage all the different stages of the WIL component of our course thus creating a streamlined work integrated learning system that covers all bases.

  • Preparation (Recruitment preparation)
  • Placement / Recruitment
  • Monitoring (During Placement)
  • Evaluation
  • Debriefing (Post Placement)
  • 3+
  • 5000+

How it Works

There are three types of WILMS users; Students, Companies and University Staff. So depending on which category you fall under, the interface will slightly differ.